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Home video intercom systems

Trust your home security and safety with quality home video intercom systems from Lucini. When trying to choose which video intercom will suit your home and lifestyle the choices can seem endless. The installation of home video intercoms can be overlooked, not only will high end, sleek systems be available the guarantee of quality installation will be assured when using Lucini video intercom distributors.

By installing a video intercom system for your home you will be provided with a safe and effective way to screen all visitors to your home. Control potential risks related to opening your door to unwanted visitors and door knocking pests. The intercom systems will provide you with the ability to communicate with them if you choose to but also gives you the control in all situations.

The integration of home video systems can be seamlessly planned into a new build or easily integrated to an existing home.LC-121 intercom

Access control systems

We are the top security access control systems supplier and will provide advice on the best solution for your home or business. Specialising in security systems and integration means the best video systems for home security can be assured.   Door access control systems will add a high level of home protection. The units are sleek, modern and can be integrated to add not detract from your home or businesses appearance.


Quality home security systems with camera will provide peace of mind knowing your home or business is protected and gives you the control in all situations. We source quality building access control system manufacturers to always have the best products available to our customers and distributors.home video intercoms

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CCTV Systems

On top of our wide range of video intercoms, Lucini Intercoms is proud to announce we offer CCTV security cameras and recorders to our quality range of products. Subscribe to our newsletter so you can be the first to purchase or distribute our CCTV Systems.